The Union’s Operations

HTS has something for everybody! We have a lot of activities where you can create new fun projects, develop the Union’s internal activities or in some way reach out to our 4000 students. Enjoy the activities as a visitor, or contribute by getting involved! Here are some of our committees and activities. If you have any questions, contact!


The Educational Committee

The Educational Committee works with projects about education, which can be about anything from how many hours of lecture an education contains to how literature lists are handled in the faculties.

The Student Welfare committee

The Student Welfare Committee works with projects about the students’ physical and psychosocial work environment.

The labour market committee

The Labour market committee works with everything labour market related, and especially with humanities and theology’s role within it.

Café multilingua

Café Multilingua arranges a language café every Wednesday in the Absalon-building of the Centre for Language and Literature (SOL). It’s a meeting spot for everyone who wants to meet new people and develop their language skills. There is also free fika for all Studentlund members!


The Festivies Committee arranges parties, sittnings, outdoors activities, craft nights and a lot of other fun events. The Festivities Committee also helps the other parts of the Union with arranging fun activities.

board Game nights

The union has a large collection of board games, and every other Sunday our game master invites all our members to play games and have fika.


HTS BK is the union’s football team and is led by our activities master. All members of the union are welcome to join our team, which has practices and plays games against both other teams and other unions.

The Lunar committee

Every winter the Lunar Committee and our Moonbase arranges a banquet for all students of humanities and theology. We celebrate the moon and the land upon it which we are the owners of.

The Novice introduction

At the start of every semester, the union hosts a novice introduction. We want all new students of humanities and theology to feel welcome in Lund! During this week our novices get to try out student life in Lund and meet other new students. More information about this event will come as it approaches!