The Union

The representative council

The representative council is responsible for the union’s strategic work and economy, approves the regulatory documents and is the highest decision making body of the union. Besides this, the representative council elects the representatives for the unions trustee positions. The representative council usually has a meeting once per month. If you wish to be summoned to these meetings, send an e-mail to

All members of HTS can candidate to the representative council, and vote in the election which is held during spring. If you candidate, you need to be a member of HTS, interested in the Union’s work and able to perform the duty for the entire year. The council consists of 15 full members and 6 substitute members.


The union board

The board consists of the presidium and five people who have been elected by the representative council. They make decisions regarding the Union’s economy and operations, and help the presidium in their daily work. The board is a flexible group that performs duties where they are needed at the time.

The board of 19/20

  • Linnea Karlsson, president

  • Cornelia Andersson, vice president

  • Marina Hansson, vice president

  • Anna Johansson

  • Kristina Cekanovic

  • Felicia Åstrand

  • Nils Rood



The full timers are students elected by the Representative Council to lead the union in the daily work and to represent the union towards our collaboration partners. Together with the Board, the full timers are leading the unions trustees for well working activities. 


Linnea Karlsson
Phone: 070-443 21 82

Linnea has the over all responsibility for the union, external relations, the internal organisation and the union's economy. She is aslo the union's press officer. 

Vice president, head of educational affairs

Cornelia Andersson
Phone: 073-875 57 44

Cornelia is responsible for the educational matters at the union. She is keeping contact with the student councils, monitoring the education and works with individual student matters.

Vice president, head of student welfare matters

Marina Hansson
Phone: 070-453 98 19

Marina is in charge of the unions work regarding student welfare. She is leading the work with the student safety representatives and is in charge of the union's communication. She is also working with the novice period, career events and other social activities.