About HTS

The Student Union for Humanities and Theology (HTS) is the student union for all students studying at the Faculties for Humanities and Theology at Lund University.


HTS was founded in 2010 with the merging of the student union for humanities and the student union for theology. HTS office is located in the Absalon house at the Department of Languages and Literature (SOL). From this office, we work for all our students in SOL, LUX and Campus Helsingborg. As a member of HTS you are welcome to participate in and benefit from all the union has to offer.




HTS primary mission is to supervise the education at the Faculties for Humanities and Theology, by ensuring that the students’ opinions are influencing both questions of education and students’ welfare.

The union works to ensure that the education and everything related to it is in top quality. The supervisory work is mainly done through our student councils and student representatives, as well as through our committees and our Representative Council.



HTS works as support and help for students facing problems related to their education during their studies. This could be anything related to the syllabus, literature, exams, classrooms, discrimination, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us and report a student complaint if you ever run into any problem related to your studies.

If you want to report a student case you can either send an email to vkou@hts.lu.se, call 073 875 57 44, or visit us during our office ours. You can also file a complaint by filling in a form directly here on our website, where you can be anonymous. You find the form here.  

Email us at: exp@hts.lu.se or call 070-443 21 82.



Through Lund University Student Unions Association (LUS) and the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) HTS works with student advocacy towards Lund’s University, the municipality of Lund, Region Skåne, as well as the Swedish parliament and government. Along with other student unions, both in Lund and rest of Sweden, we strive to improve the life of students, even outside their lecturing halls.



HTS arranges social activities that you as a member is more than welcome to participate in! If you are a new student you can join our novice activities that takes place at the start of every semester. If you love languages you can’t miss our language café Café Multilingua, and if you love board games we organise board games nights every other Sunday. You are also invited to our sittnings (a three course dinner with singing) that are held by our Festivities Committee.


You can find all our upcoming events on our Facebook page, which you can find here.