Student complaints 

The main purpose of the student union is to monitor the educations at the HT faculties. This regards both what happens in the classrooms and in the working environment. If you as a student face any problems regarding your education or your study environment, you can file a complaint for us to handle. Depending on the issue, it can be discussed in the student councils, student safety representatives, the departments or the faculty. 


Filing a complaint contributes to creating an overwiew of the situation of the students at the HT faculties, and makes the union able to make efforts where they are needed. An issue can be anything from cold classrooms, the class not following the syllabus, to discrimination and harassment. 


If you want to file a complaint you can send an email to Elisabeth Jensen Haverling, vice president and head of educational affairs, at You can also send an email to your student council. You can find their contact information here