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New student in Lund? Is it time for your first term at the Faculty of Humanities and Theology? Then you've come to the right place


Let us guide you down Lund's cobblestone streets and show what the Student union, the Nations and Lund has to offer a student like you. With us you will meet other new students and together with them and your mentors, you can become part of the community that makes Lund the best student city in Sweden!

The novice orientation contains both intense and calm activities where you and your group will be gathering points in different competitions, in order to win the honourable Novice Battle! Activities during the novice orientation are amongst others the pentathlon, the pub night, the sittning and the movie and game night. All of the activities on weekdays are in the evenings so you won't have to miss any of your lectures. 

The novice orientation this fall starts on September 5th and goes on until September 16th. Sign up today!


Hi! My name is Anna and I will be your Novice Admiral this fall!

Till hemsidan - Anna Hyll (amiral).jpg


What is your job as the novice admiral?

My job is to plan activities, keep track on the schedule and make sure everyone from mentors and organisers to novices are having a good time!


Tell us about your best novice memory!

When my group waited in line to get in to the club after our last sittning we realised a lot of us had an interest in France; it ended up with us having an entire conversation and singing Les Champs-Élysées in (very broken) french together.


Why should the new students be a part of HTS novice orientation?

It’s a great way to get to know new people and get a picture of what the often very confusing student-life has to offer! other than that it’s extremely fun too, with ten days filled with activities and let’s not forget: food almost every day. Perfect when you’ve just moved to Lund and don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen every night.


Do you have any good tips for the novices?

Student life can seem seem a bit frightening at first with all the different activities at hand. There’s one thing all nations, associations, and the student union have in common though: they’re extremely welcoming to any new person interested in joining them. With student-associations for everything between heaven and earth it’s the perfect way to do something you’ve always wanted to try but might’ve not dared to! Just don’t forget to study as well. ;)


Do you have a secret favourite spot in Lund?

Flying Tiger Copenhagen close to botulfsplatsen is a lifesaver if you’re looking for a last minute costume. They might not carry as many items as Buttericks, but they’re considerably cheaper. Also make sure to head to stadsparken when it’s spring, you might spot some ducklings!



Questions and contact

If you have any questions or concerns, email Anna Hyll, novice admiral, at or Saga Cornelius, vice president and head of student welfare matters, at